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Online Advertising & Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

Search4Local bring professional online advertising & comprehensive marketing strategies to Swansea’s SME (small medium enterprises) market. Our agency works with local businesses to increase their online presence and expand their digital footprint.

We work tirelessly to provide professional online advertising so that your business’s message, ethics and views can reach audiences on a large scale. Whether you want to advertise your business to different locations or a variety of audience segments, we can meet your needs and requirements whilst maintaining flawless customer service.

Our digital marketing packages are inclusive and comprehensive. All work is completed by our experienced in-house operations team, with a specific digital marketing team customed to liaise with your business on advertising strategies. Our qualified team consists of content writers, web designers, E-commerce website developers, paid advertising and social media marketing experts. All of which are ready at a moment’s notice to assist you In expanding your online business. Search4local are proud to offer online digital services at a competitive price, as we look to find, serve and retain customers.

We’re passionate in delivering the best advertising products in the market

What Makes Our Online Advertising So Effective?

Online advertising alone is effective. But what Search4Local offer is bespoke online advertising that utilises your budget to attract the most potential customers possible, attracting traffic to your website. Our advertising pays dividends to your business in time, with our regular analysis of your advertising campaign.

Regular campaign management separates us to competitors, as we keep you informed at every step of our analysis, so you are always aware of our next steps to building your brand. We regularly monitor adverts performance to make sure they are engaging and reaching your audience. If for any reason they are not reaching a demographic or location you wish, we can amend that to make sure your advert is personalized to your business’s identity.

Our adverts are always effective from our regular management, making sure they are displaying your business to those most likely to engage/interact – therefore always positively effecting your company.


Search4Local practice SEO also known as search engine optimisation, and it is a vital part of all digital advertising and marketing plans. It is the use of various strategies to increase your digital footprint in the search engines and improve how often your business is found online. 

Web Design

We specialise in bespoke web design for local businesses throughout Swansea, Wales. It is the process of building a websites functionality, usability and its aesthetics. Book a free website consultation to find out more information on how Search4Local can help your business.

E-Commerce Websites

Google Ads manager and pay per click campaigns are a really effective way of quickly getting the word out about a new product or service. The cost depends on the competition and area you’re advertising in. We have the skills and experience to improve ad relevance alongside reducing your cost per click.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great opportunity for your business to expand its online awareness. Facebook is the largest social media platform, and we specialise in Facebook advertising. You can target audiences on age, location, interests and gender, making it one of the most specific free advertising tools.

Affordable Digital Marketing Packages & Further Information

Our affordable digital marketing package prices are extremely competitive for the services included. Our comprehensive strategies to boost your business’s online status are proven to be effective from our retention of customers who chose our services.

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