Search4Local Serving the Swansea Area

Why We Started Search4Local

The past 10 years have seen advertising go through some major changes and innovations, from local radio adverts & phone directories to adverts in the paper being some of the only options. Seeing a huge gap in the market, Search4Local sought to help small & medium sized businesses take advantage of more digital methods of advertising.

Stripping back difficult jargon and delivering products that businesses could use to transition to digital advertising methods, Search4Local started building a framework, processes and a skillset allowing us to support small & medium sized businesses with digital advertising at a price that very few can compete with.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Digital Advertising Designed With Your Business in Mind

Search4Local have created all of our digital products inhouse. This means we are able to better convey your company’s message throughout departments, ensuring that all of the products we offer from fully designed websites & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to Google Ads & social media advert campaigns suit the needs of your business perfectly. Unlike our competitors who often outsource many of their services to 3rd parties, as all of our digital products are fully bespoke to Search4Local we are able to fully control the service you receive.

Many of our competitors want to deliver digital traffic products such as Facebook AI or Google Ads Platforms, Search4Local don’t. These platforms use Artificial Intelligence to build their audiences. We know that it’s ultimately down to the individual expert users that manage it meaning this is often just a way for corporations to make larger profits. We do things very differently, we genuinely want our products to work for our customers as best as possible.

We put energy into delivering advertising that performs

A Local Digital Advertising Agency Renown for Doing Things Differently

Our mission was to join the industry and instantly be different to our competitors. Set out to create digital products the right way & deliver the very best results for our customers. We love nothing more than to watch our customers develop and grow which is why we don’t offer license agreements having you pay for the same product year on year with no results. That isn’t the Search4Local way.

We strip away the difficult marketing lingo & avoid using hard to understand jargon. Our products and services will have names you understand & recognise. Communication is key both inhouse and with our customers which is why it’s important that you can contact any department involved with producing your final product. Not only that but you will also have a dedicated account manager able to support you for throughout the whole process.

Areas We Cover

We serve customers in and around Swansea in areas including, though not limited to:

We can not only grow your online presence but help to drive sales to your business using a variety of digital techniques. Our in-house SEO team practice proven methods to naturally increase your businesses visibility on search engines, in cohesion with our experienced web designers who look to impeccably represent your business through an E-commerce site.

Facebook is the largest social media platform with a variety of specific targeting methods. Therefore, we can help to target your specific audience, and their location – benefiting your business as this is more likely to draw in clicks and engagement to our captivating adverts.

No, Search4Local are dedicated to ensuring that every one of our customers has the best possible customer service. We have a thorough web design team who use utilise your business’s personal identity and convey your messages through a unique website that’s special to you.

No! You will always remain the owner of your website and its services. We merely design the site to your liking, host it on our secure server and grow its online presence. Ownership will always belong to you once the website has been paid for in full.

We offer digital marketing for a variety of businesses in the SME market of Swansea. Whether you own an auto garage, an electricians business or even a restaurant, we can cater to your industry-specific needs with our range of digital services.

We Are Proud To Be A Fast Growing Digital Advertising Agency

Search4Local have consistently grown since it’s conception in 2015. Taking 2 years to grow to our first 100 customers, we are now significantly exceeding that with just over 1000! Our blueprint for growing the business is to retain our customer base. This means giving all of our customer the very best possible experience. A combination of delivering the very best bespoke digital advertising products and high quality customer service means that Search4Local is becoming a digital advertising force you’ll want on your side!