2022 Page Experience Update – Expectations For SEO

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Google has released a fresh update to coincide with the new year. On June 16th, 2021, they began pushing out a big core algorithm modification known as “The Page Experience Update.” This upgrade attempts to improve user experience by prioritising (and hence ranking higher) pages that deliver high-quality page performance, such as fast load times and a non-shifting, stable page. Some page experience measures, such as mobile friendliness, HTTPS security, and obtrusive advertising, have long existed in Google. Since 2010, they’ve emphasised fast sites, but with the 2021 Page Experience improvement, they’ve added three new measures called Core Web Vitals. These are used to assess both page speed and overall user experience, both of which have a direct impact on SEO specialists and your site’s Google ranks.

What Is The New Page Experience Update?

Google may not rank your pages as highly as they appear currently if it considers your website users will have a bad experience on them. There are four types of “page experience ranking signals” at the moment.

  • Core Web Vitals – As previously indicated, Core Web Vitals got numerous changes last year that increased the fairness and accuracy of the measurements.


  • Mobile-Friendly — A page must be mobile-friendly and usable.


  • HTTPS – In order to have a nice page experience, it must be hosted over HTTPS.


  • No obtrusive interstitials — a website must not employ intrusive or interruptive advertising strategies.
Mobile Vs Desktop Page Experience

As a result of the adjustments to the many criteria that make up the Core Web Vitals, the majority of websites have improved their scores. Interstitials that prevent consumers from accessing content when they first arrive on a website are regarded undesirable by Google and give a poor user experience, causing a website’s pages to be dropped from search results.

UX Expectations For SEO In 2022

Web Vitals was significant enough on its own, but Google pushed it to the next level. Google will utilise these new metrics, along with current SEO experience ranking criteria, to help rank pages. Keep in mind that Google ranks and analyses websites based on a large number of unknown characteristics. Some factors have a large impact, but the majority have a little impact. However, when they’re put together, they convey the storey of a website.

In 2022, content will still be king for SEO, but performance and user perception will play a bigger role. Google has discovered a technique to collect a lot of information about a website’s SEO performance from all aspects using these indicators.

What Is The Importance Of The Update For SEO?

Many ranking elements are shrouded in secrecy when it comes to SEO. While it is self-evident that links are important for SEO rankings, we will never know which links can result in a significant increase in rankings. The page experience signals are unique in that Google is completely clear and open about these ranking variables, even offering helpful recommendations on how to improve your score!

New tools for improving and monitoring your website’s page experience score are included in the upgrade. In fact, Google went to great lengths to persuade every website owner to adapt to the new page experience. You can receive the information you need with the help of new or upgraded tools. Furthermore, several SEO tools, such content king, Semrush, and Ryte, now include fundamental web crucial data, providing you the finest chance to increase your SEO performance.

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Page Experience On Desktop

Because Google believes in a mobile-first generation, this modification was originally implemented to benefit mobile users. However, a sizable percentage of Google users still prefer a desktop experience. Google will begin pushing out the page experience ranking change to desktop search results in February 2022 to accommodate this.

Except for the mobile friendly element, the desktop version will incorporate all of the current mobile ranking signals listed above. Google has said that this rollout will not result in significant changes.

Planning Page Experience

“While this upgrade is intended to highlight pages that provide excellent user experiences, page experience is only one of many characteristics considered by our systems… As a result, locations should not expect significant changes.”

Desktop Page Experience

significant in terms of lasting changes, but it will have an impact on SEO rankings. Sites that do not optimise for mobile and desktop may appear lower in search engine results pages, but they will not be penalised significantly. This is mainly for improving a website’s user experience, which benefits both the business owner and Google.

For additional details on how the page experience may impact your website’s SEO in 2022, contact us.


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