How To Create a Solid Site Structure That Will Enhance Your SEO

Site structure that will enhance SEO

Why Creating a Wireframe For Your Website is Vital

The more organised and thought after your site structures are, the better your chance of ranking higher in the search engines and improving your SEO. Every website has some sort of “structure”. It might be a disorganised bundle of pages or a nice and streamlined architecture. If you are intentional with your site structure, you will create a site that achieves search success for your Swansea business.

Why Does Site Structure Matter?

Site structures or wireframes are often overlooked by many webmasters and website developers. As SEO specialists we believe that it is one of the most crucial aspects of a site’s performance. It’s important to understand exactly how a methodical and well-developed hierarchical structure can benefit the search engine optimisation of your web pages. Enhancing the ranking of your businesses’ pages on Google is vital to acquiring new business and these are just some ways structuring your website correctly can help:

Site Structure

It Means a Better UX for Your Customers

When you remove all the fancy colours, fonts, graphics, images, and white space – good website design is really about a great structure. Being able to put pieces of a website logically helps the user find what there looking for in the expected location. Thus, a strong and logical wireframe is cognitively satisfying, and the more appealing it is to users, the more appealing it will be to Google.

On the other hand, if you have a low CTR & a high bounce rate, it will not appeal as much to Google and therefore suffer on the SERPs. By contrast when a user finds a webpage they like with good structure – they don’t bounce away, so dwell time will be improved and result in improved rankings.

It Provides Your Website With Links

Links are a listing format in the SERPs that show your website’s main page along with several internal links. Sitelinks are a huge SEO advantage, as they increase the navigability of your webpages, show users to the most relevant information, increase your brands reputation, improve user trust, and help to dominate the SERPs.

You cannot request sitelinks. Google’s algorithm automatically rewards well-structured websites with them. The absence of these could harm the level of traffic, CTR, and ultimately conversions.

Website links

A Good Website Structure Means Better Crawling

Web crawlers like Google Bot crawl a websites structure, with their goal being to index the contents of your webpage and return it in the search results. The better your wireframe, the easier the crawlers can access and index the contents.

Crawlers do not automatically discover everything on your website. They will have a far easier time accessing, crawling, indexing, and returning pages  with a strong structure, so it’s importance cannot be understated.

3 Steps For a Solid Site Structure

The organisation of your website lays the route for SEO success. Without a wireframe, SEO success is impossible. They provide the basis for all SEO, resulting in a large amount of organic search traffic.

The importance of wireframes has been stated, but now it’s time to look at how you can implement 3 steps that will lead to a better site structure.

1) Plan Out a Hierarchy Before Development

If you are starting your website from blank, you are in a great position to plan out the map for the best possible SEO. Before you start to create web pages and content, it is important to plan out your website’s hierarchy.

A “hierarchy” is nothing more than a straightforward and logical approach to organise your data. Everything significant begins with your hierarchy, which will also serve as your navigation and URL structure. The image shown below shows an example of a hierarchy.

It is important to remember when planning your hierarchy structure, that it is logical for the ease of your users and crawlers – with each main category being unique and distinct if possible. Each subcategory should then relate to the main category and so on. A hierarchy is the beginning point for a great wireframe.  

2) Create a URL Structure That Leads on From the Navigational Pages

The URL structure is the second most important aspect of establishing a good site structure. This shouldn’t be too tough if you’ve thought through your hierarchy logically. Your hierarchy is reflected in the structure of your URLs.

Your URL structure will be organised based on the hierarchy of your website. This implies that your URLs will contain genuine words rather than symbols and adequate keyword coverage.

3) Create a Header That Shows Your Main Navigation Pages

Site structure that will enhance SEO

Your top header should always list out your main pages. Adding anything else to your menu than your core categories can be distracting and unneeded. If you are creating a parallax website, make sure to include a permanent header menu that stays visible throughout the scrolling process.

While CSS-effect dropdown menus and vanishing menus may create a unique or exciting user experience, they do not improve SEO. The strongest kind of SEO is text links with appropriate anchors. If your site has a footer with menu links, make sure to copy the top navigational menu’s primary links in the footer navigation menu. Changing the order of links or adding more category listings will then complicate the UX.

SEO & Site Structures Experts in Swansea

How to Improve SEO in Swansea

The structure of a website is the result of rigorous consideration, deliberate design, and meticulous arrangement. The best time to construct a robust policy is before you start building it. When it comes to optimising your website for search engines, there are several considerations to make. If your site is well-structured, good SEO will follow.

If you require SEO experts to create, design or implement solid site structures to your website, contact the experts at Search4Local. We have been helping Swansea business owners get their websites ranking on local SERPs – so contact us today.


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