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Our expert team of front-end developers create bespoke E-commerce websites for a wide range of businesses and industries throughout Swansea. If you’re a business owner looking to expand into the online market, then an E-commerce website is fundamental. A tailor made, stylish online shop can help to develop your brand awareness, whilst allowing your customers to purchase your products online conveniently and effortlessly. E-commerce websites require in-depth development and design techniques in order to best illustrate a business online, techniques of which our web developers and front-end designers have mastered.

As specialists, we understand that your online store should complement your branding seamlessly, this means creating an online shop that matches your businesses aesthetics and specifications. Our project managers consult with your business in order to understand your unique identity and Search4Local capture that and replicate it through a bespoke website that is guaranteed to build your online status in Swansea.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Responsive E-Commerce Website Design

With more users now using the internet via mobile phones, it is imperative for us that our E-commerce websites are designed to be responsive. This means maintaining a mobile first philosophy throughout the design process so that your website remains responsive to customer interactions.

Our capable designers ensure that your site is fully responsive on all phone systems and screen sizes for peak shopping experience. Allowing customers to truly enjoy time spent on your site regardless of device or platform, whilst loading quickly on 4G, 5G and WIFI.

We plan all of our E-commerce website designs comprehensively to ensure that the user interface (UI)  of every page is flawless. This means using our vast experience in website design to utilise space and content, so the time needed for customers to achieve their desired goal on your website is minimised. In return you can expect a better user experience and a potential customer.

Secure Websites

A vital component of a successful E-commerce website is ensuring that all transactions made are safe, secure and swift. All of our online shops come equipped with SSL certificates – used to secure data transfer and therefore provide the upmost security to your customers. Your online store will be able to guarantee encrypted payments. In return this means a level of trust is formed between your business & customers, all whilst they enjoy a safe and satisfactory session on your E-commerce website.

Comprehensive E-Commerce Web Design Swansea

Our professional team is experienced in designing E-commerce websites, which is why we focus on a variety of factors that help grow your Swansea business online and rank in local SERPs. This includes ensuring all our websites adhere to the latest search engine algorithm updates from Google as well as using fast, secure hosting & SSL certificates.

Fundamental components are taken into account such as how your online shop will be utilised in digital marketing campaigns. We always design E-commerce websites with social media, PPC (pay per click) and SEO campaigns in mind. This enables our dedicated team to truly showcase your business to the most relevant and potentially converting customers.

WooCommerce Web Design

WooCommerce allows our front-end designers to add functionality onto any website we build. It is completely customisable meaning the experts at Search4Local can add specificity to your website, tailoring products and category pages to suit your requirements.

WooCommerce makes managing stock, editing products and overall branding of your business easy for our team, whilst integrating your specific SEO package. Compatible with a range of world-leading payments systems like Stripe and PayPal, it has gained massive popularity for it’s safe and secure use whilst taking the hassle out of running an online shop.

Offering E-Commerce websites for local Swansea businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost can depend on may factors. Our E-commerce websites are bespoke, and the cost of these websites depend on the amount of attributes, features, products & services you’d like on your website. Also taken into account is whether you require additional packages.

Having an E-commerce site is much like owning a physical store, but with less overheads. We cannot say that one is more profitable than the other, however we offer many other digital marketing & advertising services that can enhance your brand awareness and exposure to customers, helping you become profitable faster.

Our professional team of developers and designers can help kickstart your online store into life. As specialists, we are best suited to designing websites that suit your business’ identity and USPs

Create An Unforgettable User Experience & Increase Conversions

When developing your company’s online presence, it’s important to obtain your brands unique identity and offer your customers a seamless and enjoyable UX. This means ensuring your online shop is functional and capable of responding to users on all devices and screen sizes.

By Incorporating mobile first design and other factors such as secure hosting and SEO strategies, we can ensure your business will increase conversion rates and be competitive online in local SERPs and industries.

Search Engine Optimised

Benefit from SEO strategies being implemented within your site. This includes optimised sitemaps, indexability and the use of keywords through a tailored search engine optimisation (SEO) package.

Custom Front End Development

Our front end developers link the back and front end of our customised E-commerce websites. This ensures consistency in user interface (UI) & functionality throughout your website.

Fast & Secure Hosting

All our website builds have very secure hosting using SSL certificates to protect your data as well as customers. Our hosting solutions also provide quick page loading, meaning that your customers are browsing your products online quicker.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Our experience implementing digital marketing strategies means we understand the importance of showcasing your brand. We focus on interfaces that compliment digital marketing tools such as social media, PPC and SEO.

E-Commerce Experts In Swansea

If you’re looking to get your online business off the ground and would like a unique & bespoke E-commerce web design service, then contact Search4Local. Our expert team can help start your digital journey, so contact us for more information.