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Pay Per Click Advertising & Google Ads Strategies

Google Ads and pay per click (PPC campaigns) when managed properly can maximise your digital marketing budget, increase leads & promote new products or services quickly. Consistent campaign management can help to identify adverts success in locations, and any potential reason why they aren’t reaching your target audience.

Search4Local are proud to offer full service paid advertising packages. Our skills, success and experience has led us to become a certified Google partner, that enables us to offer exclusive advertising content. Our bespoke PPC campaigns are designed to be flexible around your advertising budget.

Paid Advertising Services

Search4Local’s paid advertising services are comprehensive. We use pay per click campaigns as one of our digital advertisement options.  PPC campaigns get your business visible in Google searches almost instantly, meaning you can benefit from more business fast. It is essentially targeted advertising set up against keywords or key phrases that a user may search in your industry.

Another specialty of ours is our display advertising, which is another form of paid advertising and remarketing. It is displaying your advert on an external site or sites. Every time the advert is shown, one page impression is counted. This is unlike Google Ads which works on a pay per click basis.

Both these paid advertising strategies are carried out by in-house specialist. Our experienced marketers can help assist you with consistent Google Ads management that is sure to increase your businesses digital footprint.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

What Are the Benefits Of An Effective PPC Campaign ?

A PPC campaign is a time-effective way of building awareness of your business and the services you provide. This isn’t the only benefit however, as the traffic being driven towards your website from our effective PPC campaigns is more likely to put your business at the centre of attention when a user is browsing in your industry.

Pay per click cost will depend on many factors, like the competition in your desired location. If the area and product is very competitive, then bids on keywords could be higher. Another large positive of PPC campaigns, are that you only pay per click, meaning you are only putting payments in for the specific traffic that is being driven towards your website.

Search4Local have experienced and professional PPC specialists that look to best utilise your budget, and get the biggest increase of digital presence possible.

Location Specific Google Ads

We use location specific Google Ads, in order to reach customers in your desired area. We want to ensure that adverts are engaging your audience in the right areas, so they are more likely to be interacted with. Our effective Google Ads management enables us to see whether adverts are meeting expectations.

Search4Local’s PPC specialist are on-hand to research the most competitive locations that would best benefit you. Our experts have proven to be effective from previous customers and ad performance.  

Effective Google Ads to promote your business online

Frequently Asked Questions

With all advertising, the cost will depend on many factors. The competitiveness of the industry is an example, as a more competitive market will have more businesses bidding on keywords. Rising competition means a rising cost per click.

Ad rotation is the practice of updating the best performing adverts with fresh adverts and at Search4Local, we rotate your adverts on the search network and the display network. This is to ensure that adverts remain fresh and appealing.

Yes, remarketing is a great strategy to gain customers who have already viewed your advert. Tracking cookies enable Search4Local to target the same advert previously shown, at the same customer on a different website. This gives your business the best possible chance of transforming browser into converters.

Effective Google Ads & PPC Campaign Management

Effective Google Ads can be a turning point for businesses. It is an immediate advertising strategy that gains the most brand awareness as possible, whilst utilising advertising budgets. Search4Local are proud to offer consistent PPC campaign management that is sure to boost your websites domain authority amongst competitors.

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