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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is a vital part of digital marketing. Search4Local have mastered and created many strategies in order to contribute rank websites effectively for a number of specific keywords & semantic expressions in page one search engine result pages (SERPs).

A thoroughly researched & planned strategy combines both on-page & off-page factors. We predominantly focus on creating user friendly & algorithm focused content on behalf of our businesses, amongst other features like link building, site speed & user experience. We also run regular and thorough website audits and fix any issues like broken links, 301 redirects and 404 pages.

As well as our variety of strategies, we also specialise in unique content writing, in order to make your business’s copy stand out. A professional SEO agency like ourselves look to make unique and creative content that’s informative and factual. These directly contribute to ranking factors as well, as search engines such as Google see your business as a source of trustworthy content.

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On-Page & Off-Page SEO Strategies

On-page SEO refers to the factors you can control on your own website, like optimising web pages with informative content in order to rank higher. Search engines crawl your website, see your information is relevant and look to provide said info to the searcher. On-page also focuses on location specific keywords, optimising meta data, alt text & keyword density to name a few. These are all contributing factors that are done by our in-house technicians, as we look to rank your business in your primary location.

Off-page strategies however, focus on increasing the authority of your domain through link building from external websites. Off-page SEO is not limited to link building, but its one of the most effective strategies. Backlinks are essential, as businesses can link your informative and factual content written by Search4Local experts, to their own website. This raises more brand awareness, and an increase in organic traffic to your business, potentially resulting in sales and conversions.

Both strategies are effective and have been perfected by our professional team to ensure your online presence grows.

Keyword Planner

Keyword planner is an essential tool used when devising a thorough SEO strategy. The free Google tool allows a user to research keywords relevant to their business/industry in an area they wish to rank for. They are selected based on their search volume and the competitiveness of the word, like the average monthly searches. Search4Local use keyword planner daily, to see how we can best optimize your content with keywords that will result in higher and better volume of traffic.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices and smartphones are now used as the preferred platform, and therefore we need to ensure that content is easy to read on all screen sizes. As well as this, images must be proportionate to the size of the mobile screen, the menu is presented in a drop down fashion and that there is sufficient room between elements on the page. Search4Local use a mobile friendly approach with all of our SEO strategies in order to make sure your business’s customers are getting the best user experience (UX).

Organic Ranking strategies to help your business

Website Audits - Health & Speed

We complete detailed monthly website audits for our SEO clients. A website audit is a detailed check of all potential issues both on-page and off-page for your website. It allows us to identify these problems and make amends immediately. We check a variety of factors such as site speed, quality & uniqueness of copy, mobile friendliness and overall health and speed of the website.

Before working on any site, we complete a number of site audits so we can acquire a full report on any potential issues. Once issues have been amended by our expert website developers, its over to the SEO team. They then examine every minute detail to improve site performance, responsiveness and its relevance. By identifying and acting on issues, we are able to always provide the highest quality website to our customers.

Comprehensive SEO Strategies & Quotes

Our comprehensive search engine optimisation strategies are designed to ensure that all of your needs and requirements are met. Whether it’s wanting a larger presence on search engines, or more compelling content – we are the agency to deliver.

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