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Comprehensive Web Design To Help Your Business Strive

If you’re looking for website design in Swansea that gives your business a competitive and professional edge over competitors, come to Search4Local. Our team of creative individuals have been helping businesses in a variety of industries for many years to get the best digital footprint possible with Search4Local website design.

Professional Web Development & SSL Certificates

High speed HTTPS & SSL certificates are a fundamental part of modern web development. Today’s internet user is all too aware of the potential dangers of unsecure websites. Google algorithms & search bots can give priority ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages). Our web developers choose only the fastest and most secure hosting options for our clients websites.

Our front end developers design sites to represent your business in the most positive way. We carefully select colours, fonts, images, create bespoke site structures & ensure our sites are designed for the mobile first generation. Our designers always go the extra mile for our customers. A developer’s job may seem small but without their attention to detail and professionalism, your website would not nearly be as functional.  

As well as web development, we display customers SSL certificate to prove authentication for a website – improving the trust of the website. We then communicate with you (the client) to ensure a secure connection when your customers browse your site.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Features & Benefits of Web Design

We are strong believers that the features and benefits of web design are crucial to have a successful online business. Our experienced team work cohesively to offer customers their own unique branded web design.

Matching your company’s logo colours to the website in order to make it aesthetically  pleasing for your customers is an example of our design features. We also include informative content thanks to our copywriters, always with strong SEO (search engine optimisation) tactics in mind. Arguably, our team’s ability to give your business its own identify and visually represent it on the web is are most notable feature.

Secure & Fast Hosting

At Search4Local, we provide secure and fast hosting, giving your website an improved site performance and improved website security.

Web hosting is a vital part of online advertising & digital marketing. As discussed before, your website will have an SSL certificate – a fully secure encrypted connection for data and user protection.

Fast web hosting will result in our web designers being able to show more photos, videos and content onto your site, meaning we show more of your business to the world. Fast hosting is also key to E-Commerce sites.

If a browser is secure and has fast web hosting, a user is likely to choose your service.

Mobile First

The majority of internet searches are performed using smart phones, we are in the mobile first generation of web design. Mobile browsing is now a preferred option for users, and therefore it is imperative that your site is designed with this method.

We optimise all our website designs for mobile, then adapt to larger screens (desktop) after. Customers will have a better experience on your website with this approach to design.

With mobile first indexing, the algorithm crawl bots scan your mobile website first. This means they are indexing an easy to navigate, clear site made by search4local.

Our professional website developers always keep the user experience (UX) at forefront of design. So when we design your businesses website, we want the experience to be flawless for users.

Offering digital advertising solutions for local Swansea businesses

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are those which sell services/products online. When purchasing, it’s not just about functionality & appearance – It’s looking at how the customer will use every aspect of your businesses’ website.
Our creative web development is done with E-commerce sites in mind. We alter text size, font, formats and resolution of images in order to make your website more appealing to potential customers.
We have discussed how important website design in Swansea is and the aspects we have covered are crucial to E-commerce sites for both mobile or desktop. Having secure & fast hosting, SSL Certificates and a mobile first approach will help contribute towards a customer’s decision to buy.
Online advertising is a great way to grow your businesses digital footprint, so having website design with e-commerce in mind can be the difference.

Professional Website Design - Further Details & Quotes

Our team offer experienced website design to all of our customers, making each website unique to your business and industry to make your company’s ethics and personality seen.As discussed, there are many factors effecting web design. If your site looks professional and accessible, a customer is likely to stay on the page. Then our persuasive content will hook them into choosing your business.

We charge a competitive rate for our services, but price will depend on the extent of web design and features. We are always looking to go the extra mile for our customers at every step. If you could benefit from trustworthy and experienced website design in Swansea.