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Professional Facebook Advertising & Location Specific Targeting

Social media marketing has changed our lives. The ease of clicking through to adverts whilst browsing the latest news on social media is too tempting not to engage with. It is therefore vital that your business has professional  social media marketing. Search4Local specialise in sponsored Facebook adverts, which have proven to be extremely successful for local and regional businesses. 

Our marketing is created by our specialist in-house team of experienced media managers, graphic designers & advertising consultants. Facebook offers a range of business ad formats, all of which drive quality traffic to either your website, or page – both are positive. Our professional social advertising also leads to high conversion rates. Being the most popular social media network, you are more likely to reach a larger audience through this marketing, therefore leading to potential customers and overall expansion of your online presence.

We have mastered location specific targeting through Facebook advertising. Enabling expert campaign managers like those at our agency to target a specific location can give your adverts an edge over competitors in that area. Our design team make sure all adverts are engaging and persuasive so when the customer interacts with the advert, they are intrigued and captivated by our content.  Search4Local are proud to specialise in a wide range of advertising strategies, and use our knowledge and expertise to help grow your businesses digital identity.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Why Facebook Ads Are Vital To Your Businesses Digital Success

Facebook advertising is imperative to increasing brand awareness and expanding your digital footprint. The beauty of social media, is that once a user interacts with our advert, a network of friends will see the same ad. This builds more and more awareness, without lifting a finger.

Higher conversion rates are a result of creative Facebook ads. Awareness comes from likes, shares and comments all of which engage users with your business. As it provides more opportunity for website traffic, there is a higher chance of converting site visits into sales. We are lucky to have professionals that utilise Facebook’s advertising opportunities in order to maximize conversion rates and your businesses’ overall digital success.

Picture Ads

These are the most common types of adverts, they are easy to display and get across the message without a major cost set-back. We make sure they are engaging and relevant.

Video Ads

We use videos that automatically play, as the majority of users do not press play when watching. The video can therefore convey the message silently whilst still engaging the audience.

Carousel Display

This is showing a number of photos on a rotation. These are beneficial for businesses looking to display numerous photos or a variety of products.

Let us create & manage your Facebook Sponsored Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Niche audiences are essentially a small, specialised market that is a segment from a larger group.  A specific interest could make up a niche audience, and therefore Facebooks targeted ads can reach this level of specificity. Our experts have experience in displaying ads all over the country, and networking those ads for engaging users and their friends.  

Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if clicked or not. The cost per impression is measuring what one will pay when their ad is shown per one thousand impressions. These measurements enable the advertising experts at Search4Local to determine other calculations such as Cost Per Click (CPC) and Click-Through Rate (CTR).

We are always monitoring the cost of impressions so that we can best utilise your advertising budget.

Facebook is, as discussed the largest social media platform in the world. We have mastered and perfected Facebook advertising, and due to the variety of advertising opportunities available, we believe that it would be most effective for our customers.

Social Media Marketing & Affordable Management Fees Swansea

Search4Local are proud to offer bespoke social media marketing and especially Facebook advertising at a competitive price. As well as our comprehensive advertising packages, we manage all your services, meaning no hassle for your business. Search4Local understand that social media management can be time-consuming, so we take this away and let our expert campaign managers handle the management.